Infant Buzzy Bee Costume


This Infant Buzzy Bee Costume is an adorable insect costume for babies. This is a fuzzy black and yellow romper and headpiece.




Infant Buzzy Bee Costume

Bees are a lot like little kids. Both can not seem stop moving from place to place. Wheater they’re crawling around or flying around buzzing their wings both just seem not able to stay still. And another similarity between the two is that the insect and the tiny tots both have a sweet tooth. Have any sugary treat sitting out you’ll be sure to attract both buzzing bees and curious little children. Now you can let your little one become one with their inner bug in this fuzzy costume.

Infant Buzzy Bee Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: IN | Polyester | RU885168

Infant Buzzy Bee Costume (Animal & Bug Costumes)