Howlin’ Good Time Costume


Have you ever seen a wolf in a Zoot suit before? The wolf in this Howlin’ Good Time Costume is ready for a 1920s-style night on the town!




Howlin’ Good Time Costume

Have you ever wondered what the big bad wolf would do if he lived in the 40s? He would more than likely get himself a brand new suit and go looking for his little red riding hood. This brash wolf about town would hit the clubs and maybe huff and puff on a trumpet playing a song to impress little miss red. But when it would come to the end of the night he would ask what they should do next but he would be told she’s got to go back to her grandma’s place. But this wouldn’t bring ol’ big bad down. He know’s tomorrow is another night and a new little red riding hood could be found. Now you can let out your animal side just like the big bad wolf in this awesome costume.

Howlin’ Good Time Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | CA01073

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