Infant Taz Costume


This infant Taz costume is perfect for your wild and crazy baby! The funny Looney Tunes costume features a romper jumpsuit and headpiece that make your child look like a cartoon character.




Infant Taz Costume

In the world of Looney Tunes there is a toon who is a force of nature, Taz. This Tasmanian Devil spins around faster than any twister and loves to chase around other toons like Bugs Bunny. And when he isn’t running and spinning around he is eating everything he sees. Now if you’re little one is full of engery and loves to eat then he’ll love becoming Taz this Halloween.

Infant Taz Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 12mo | Polyester | RU881543

Infant Taz Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)