Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume


Practice the Bunny Hop and Bunny Dip because you’re going to be Hugh’s favorite in this Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume. This sparkly costume makes a sexy traditional costume.




Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume

Bouncing around the mansion, lounging out in the sun by the grotto, and room service. What a life! But best of all is getting to don a traditional bunny suit. What? You don’t have time to fly out to LA and audition? Well, we can’t actually hook up with the mansion, but you will feel like you belong there in this Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume.

Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | MYM1111

Sexy Sequin Bunny Costume (Classic Costumes)