Pink Power Ranger T-Shirt


Move over, Kimberly! There’s a new Pink Ranger in town, and it’s you! That is, it WILL be you after you go in this Pink Power Rangers T-Shirt.




Pink Power Ranger T-Shirt

The Pink Ranger flew the pterodactyl Zord. While all the other Rangers were sitting there on the ground running or driving, Kimberly was up in the air like a boss. That’s how awesome the Pink Ranger was. We’d love it if you went in this costume tee, but we don’t recommend trying to fly the pterodactyl Zord. You need a certain classification for that!

Pink Power Ranger T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | MFDB8709O1

Pink Power Ranger T-Shirt (TV / Movie Costumes)