I Am Gambit T-Shirt


Gambit has a cool superpower, but it isn’t that useful unless you’re out fighting Sentinels. That being said, throwing playing cards that explode must be pretty fun. Find out for yourself in our I Am Gambit t-shirt!




I Am Gambit T-Shirt

Yeah, you could run around looking in every thrift store in town for a brown trench coat, but who’s got time for that? Even if you find one, it’s probably over priced, and it probably smells a little funky from whomever was wearing it before you, and that weird stain on the front? Nope, it’s not coming out. Either way, what would you do for the armor? You’re not going to find pink and blue armor sitting on the shelf anywhere with a fifty cents price tag, no sir. That’s why our Gambit costume tee exists. An easy and comfortable look for Comic-Con or Halloween. Heck, wear it everyday! But be warned, you just might start speaking French and craving hot gumbo.

I Am Gambit T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | MFDD297A31

I Am Gambit T-Shirt (Superhero Costumes)