Teen Jungle Gorilla w/ Sound


We can’t claim that wearing this teen jungle gorilla costume with sounds will solve all your problems, but we’ll put it this way. Eating bananas and beating your chest makes for a pretty easy life.




Teen Jungle Gorilla w/ Sound

When the entire planet is ruled by apes, you’re going to need a disguise, unless you like being rounded up by gorillas and being placed in prison. We saw it in a movie. That’s what happens in the future. If you you’re not prepared with a gorilla costume that makes real sounds, you just might not make in the world of apes, but just don’t say that we never warned you, because we did. Just now.

Teen Jungle Gorilla w/ Sound | Halloween Costumes

Size: TN | Latex | SND2670

Teen Jungle Gorilla w/ Sound (Animal & Bug Costumes)