Prop Replica Lone Ranger Badge


If you’re going to keep the law then you’re going to need a badge. So complete your Lone Ranger costume with this replica badge.




Prop Replica Lone Ranger Badge

Back in the days when the west was a wild place there needed to be someone who kept the law. One such man decided to wear a mask while he makes sure that justice is served to those who deserve it and he goes by the name the Lone Ranger. But this wasn’t just some vigilante taking the law into his own hands but an actual Texas Ranger who can make sure every bad guy he comes across will be taken down.Now you can be just like the masked man of the west when you complete your costume with this Prop Replica Lone Ranger Badge.

Prop Replica Lone Ranger Badge | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Metal | NC47536

Prop Replica Lone Ranger Badge (TV / Movie Costumes)