Plus Size Bender Costume


Have girder that needs bending? Try putting on this Plus Size Bender Costume and give it a whirl. It might not actually make you bending skills better, but it is licensed from Futurama, so there’s that.




Plus Size Bender Costume

Do you have a home full of unbent girders? Maybe you need a little help from an expert on bending, like say, Bender Bending Rodriguez. Sure, he drinks too much, smokes too much, steals too much and uses way too much salt on anything he cooks, but he can bend anything like some kind of robot programmed to bend things. Here’s what we’ve learned by watching him in episodes of Futurama. First of all, Bending is all about attitude. If you act politely while doing it, you’re definitely doing it wrong. Second, bend only the things you want to bend, otherwise you might end up spending your whole life bending girders for Suicide Booths. Lastly, you need this plus sized Bender outfit.

Plus Size Bender Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2X | Polyester Foam | FUT8220PL

Plus Size Bender Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)