I Am Jack Skellington Costume T-Shirt


What’s this, what’s this? Why, it’s an I am Jack Skellington Costume T-Shirt! When you live in Halloweentown, this look is almost common!




I Am Jack Skellington Costume T-Shirt

We love the Nightmare Before Christmas around here. It’s one of our favorite movies, and a must watch every year. Maybe that’s kind of obvious, because we’re Halloweencostumes.com, after all, and Halloween is in our name! Honestly, it almost feels like we actually live in Halloweentown around here. So, when this t-shirt came in we all got excited. And then the discussions started about Jack’s bowtie… is that thing really alive? If so, does he have to feed it? Does it ever fly away? Should we call it a bat-tie? If it IS alive then that seems like the most annoying bowtie in history! But maybe it also knows some adorable tricks, or something. If you’re getting this Jack Skellington costume tee, there’s no need to worry, the bowtie and all the other elements are just printed! Now all you need is to work on your best Danny Elfman impression for your solo in, “Jack’s Lament.”

I Am Jack Skellington Costume T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | MFDA774A31

I Am Jack Skellington Costume T-Shirt (TV / Movie Costumes)