Hangover Baby Bjorn T-Shirt


Carry Carlos with you where ever you go when you wear this Hangover Baby Bjorn T-Shirt. A great shirt to wear while trying to recall your night.




Hangover Baby Bjorn T-Shirt

Not at the table, Carlos.When you go to Las Vegas to party you never know what might happen, you may even end up with a baby in a closet. That is what happened to Alan, Stu, and Phil when they went to a bachelor party for their friend Doug. They woke up after a night of epic partying only to hear the faint noise of a baby also waking up. So when the hungover trio decides to try to piece together their last evening Alan takes baby “Carlos” with him on the adventure.

Hangover Baby Bjorn T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | RPHOAS2012

Hangover Baby Bjorn T-Shirt (Funny Costumes)