Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T-Shirt


Are you ready for heck of a night in Bangkok? You will be when dress up as Allen in this Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T-Shirt.




Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T-Shirt

I wish monkeys could Skype. Maybe someday.When Stu Price decided to get married in Thailand he thought he wouldn’t have to deal with the strange man that he met at a bachelor party in Las Vegas. But as his un-luck would have it he would be destined to go on another wild adventure with Alan. Alan, along with Stu and the third part of their trio Phil, traveled the streets of Bangkok causing trouble, starting a riot, and meeting up with Leslie Chow once more. Now along with our fake beard and sunglasses you can look just like Alan himself with the help of this tee!

Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Cotton (100%) | RPFPAS2000

Hangover 2 Yellow Lab T-Shirt (Funny Costumes)