Flamingo Hat


Wear a lawn ornament on your head for Halloween–this Flamingo Hat! It’s especially appropriate for a tropical theme party.




Flamingo Hat

Fun flamingo facts:1) The ancient Egyptians considered them a representation of the sun god, Ra.2) The ancient Romans considered their tongues a delicacy.3) They are featured in the religious art of the ancient Moche people of Peru.4) The flamingo is the national bird of The Bahamas.5) Andean miners believe that flamingo fat is a cure for tuberculosis.Now all you gotta do is memorize this list an you’ll be wowing curious bird lovers all Halloween long! OR you’ll just wade in shin-high water and look like you’ve lost your mind. Either way, having a flamingo hat on your head is a fun thing to do for a costume party or a new hobby!

Flamingo Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | EL290540

Flamingo Hat (Animal & Bug Costumes)