Adult Collector’s Elvis Costume


If you think that you can just put on this adult collector’s Elvis costume to impersonate the legend, then you’re right. Covered in rhinestones and gold eagles, it’s a replica version of the outfits he used to wear in Vegas.




Adult Collector’s Elvis Costume

If the stage has been calling you ever since you first heard Elvis sing “Hound Dog” then you might just be ready to don his jumpsuit. Of course, before we actually let you wear this authentic outfit, we may have to subject you to a hip-shaking test and an extensive lip curling evaluation. Pending those, you could look just like the King of Rock and Roll himself. Well, maybe we can just let those slide this time and you can get this costume without taking the tests, but don’t let anyone know we let you off the hook.

Adult Collector’s Elvis Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | RU909801

Adult Collector’s Elvis Costume (50’s Costumes)