Red Tuxedo Coat


Be caught red jacketed with our Red Tuxedo Coat! Whether for prom, a wedding, or a night out on the town this jacket will serve you well.




Red Tuxedo Coat

Red is one of the most versatile of colors. It’s the color of love and passion, but also the color of anger and danger. It’s also the color of Tahitian Treat, which means it’s fun and delicious as well. Just like this tuxedo coat! Like Tahitian Treat, it’s perfect for a swingin’ cocktail party, or even prom. Want more? Check out our red tux accessories and be red from head to toe. The only thing that makes this red jacket even better is a bright red top hat to top it all off!

Red Tuxedo Coat | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2X | | BCT2105RD

Red Tuxedo Coat (Classic Costumes)