Indiana Jones Machete Accessory


Grab this Indiana Jones machete accessory for your Indy Halloween costume for an authentic look straight from the newest Indiana Jones feature film.




Indiana Jones Machete Accessory

When you go to school for archaeology you are never told that at some point you may find yourself in the middle of a jungle searching for artifacts. But if you become as good an archaeologist as Dr. Henry Jones Jr. you will find yourself having to hack and slash through vines and overgrown brush in order to get to that hidden temple. What is the best tool to use to do that? A trusty machete, of course! Complete your Indiana Jones costume with this great machete accessory. You’ll never be stuck in a jungle again!

Indiana Jones Machete Accessory | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | RU8189

Indiana Jones Machete Accessory (TV / Movie Costumes)