Yoda Candy Bowl Holder


You won’t need to use the force on your guests with this Yoda Candy Bowl Holder! The awesome Star Wars collectible is great for parties or just to complete your man cave!




Yoda Candy Bowl Holder

When Luke Skywalker first went to Dagobah he got a chance to me the great Jedi master Yoda. To say hello to Luke, Yoda offered the young Jedi in training some great Dagobah candy. This was to teach young Skywalker the important lesson that being a good host is a stepping stone to become a great Jedi.Now you can have the little master in your home offering candy with this great Star Wars candy bowl.

Yoda Candy Bowl Holder | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | RU68371

Yoda Candy Bowl Holder (Halloween Decorations)