Woolly Lamb Handbag


Mary had a little Woolly Lamb Handbag, and everywhere that she went, the lamb handbag went as well!




Woolly Lamb Handbag

Don’t get us wrong, this purse is absolutely adorable. It’s pure white, soft, and fluffy, and just look at that sweet little face! But, BUT… if you think about it, it’s a little weird for Little Bo Peep to carry around a purse made out of a lamb, right? Maybe it was that mean naughty lamb that just kept going astray, eating the neighbor’s grass, and was always the one nipping at her during shearing. If that’s the case it’s totally understandable if she had to do something about it. At least now it’s a handy handbag that keeps all of Bo Peep’s belongings all while looking totally cute.

Woolly Lamb Handbag | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RA5939

Woolly Lamb Handbag (Animal & Bug Costumes)