Women’s Jedi Costume


You could spend years of honing your Force sensitivity at the temple on Coruscant, or you could make it easier on yourself and wear this womens Jedi costume to become a knight.




Women’s Jedi Costume

Being force sensitive has its perks. You get to play with lightsabers, you can lift spaceships out of swamps with your mind and you can have a cool master like Yoda. The only catch is that you have use your powers for the good of the galaxy and not use them for selfish reasons, like using the Jedi mind trick to mess with your roommate. Either way, you need Jedi gear, like the stuff included with this set, to look like a real one.

Women’s Jedi Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU888867

Women’s Jedi Costume (Star Wars Costumes)