Womens Batgirl Cape T-Shirt


The Dark Knight? No way! This is the Dark Knightess! Become Batgirl when you go in our womens Batgirl Cape T-Shirt.




Womens Batgirl Cape T-Shirt

When you go in our Batgirl costume t-shirt, you might just experience delusions of grandeur. We know that it’s tempting, after putting on this tee, to immediately attempt foiling criminals and finding super villains to thwart. But just because you look like Batgirl doesn’t mean that you actually are! Just enjoy looking like the iconic superhero for a night for Halloween, and leave the crime-fighting antics to the folks with the superpowers.

Womens Batgirl Cape T-Shirt | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Cotton (100%) | BWVN09PLBTM

Womens Batgirl Cape T-Shirt (Superhero Costumes)