Wilma Flintstone Sexy Costume


If you’re attracted to a prehistoric caveman type of man, then dressing up in this Wilma Flinstone costume and hanging around in Bedrock will find you a Fred of your own in no time.




Wilma Flintstone Sexy Costume

The people of Bedrock had some strange habits. Taking a shower with mammoth nose water and letting an octopus wash your dishes seems rather unhygienic, but at least the cave women of the day got one thing right. Their sense of style is enough to knock any caveman off his feet without using a club, but you’re always free to bring a club around to knock your caveman around when he does stupid things. And don’t worry, he’ll give you plenty of chances to use one on him.

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Size: XS | Polyester | RU888314

Wilma Flintstone Sexy Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)