Wembley Fraggle Rock Costume


This Wembley Fraggle Rock costume will set you apart from everyone else this Halloween. You’ll look just like your favorite character from the show!




Wembley Fraggle Rock Costume

Sometimes you need a character to be the one who can’t make up their mind on things. A character who is so nervous about upsetting anyone because he just wants everyone to be happy. That is just what Wembley is. This young Fraggle is cheerful but very indecisive, he can’t even pick between two identical shirts to wear. But just because he can’t make up his mind doesn’t mean this little guy isn’t important to the group. He is best friends with Gobo and even shares a room with him.

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Size: ST | Polyester | RA4661

Wembley Fraggle Rock Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)