Wampa Rug

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Hoth is cold, uncomfortable and crawling with stinky tauntauns. Now, with this licensed Star Wars Wampa rug, you no longer have to spend weeks there hunting the beast to get his fur.




Wampa Rug

Hunting for Wampas on Hoth is a really, really bad idea. Sure, Luke managed to get away alright in Empire Strikes Back, but he almost ended up as a Jedi popsicle snack. If you don’t have Jedi powers, chances are the outcome will be you inside of a big angry snow creature’s belly. There is another way to get a Wampa hide for your living room floor though. Our hunters painstakingly track the beasts through the tundras and take them down with unmatched skill, leaving the hide completely intact. Just place the order and they’ll go retrieve the hide! (Actual rug not made from Wampa hide. They’re not real.)

Wampa Rug | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Faux Fur | CO69164

Wampa Rug (Star Wars Costumes)