Waldo Infant Onesie


The cutest thing in red and white stripes since…forever! This Waldo Infant Onesie is an adorable storybook inspired costume for your baby.




Waldo Infant Onesie

Playing the ‘where’s my baby” game might not be as fun as playing the classic “where’s Waldo” game but one thing is for sure: your baby will look adorable in this Waldo Infant Onesie. It will transform him from a baby into a little man that everyone is always looking for! This cute costume even comes with the round glasses that have the lens popped out for safety.

Waldo Infant Onesie | Halloween Costumes

Size: 18mo | Polyester | EL460200

Waldo Infant Onesie (Storybook & Fairytale Costumes)