Toddler Yoda Costume


Toddler Yoda costume comes in infant, newborn, and toddler sizes. This kids Star Wars costume for toddlers is great for Halloween or theme parties.




Toddler Yoda Costume

What do we know about Yoda? He’s short, he likes hanging around in mucky places and no one can quite understand what he’s saying. That might already be a dead on description for your toddler, except that Yoda can use the Force to lift spaceships out of the mud and he’s green. We can help you green up your tot with this licensed Star Wars costume, that comes with a headpiece and robe modeled after the enigmatic little Jedi Master, but you may have to work out the whole Force powers thing on your own. It only took Yoda 900 years to master the Force, but we think your little guy can do it pretty fast if he puts his mind to it!

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Size: IN | Polyester | RU888077

Toddler Yoda Costume (Funny Costumes)