Toddler Tarzan Costume


If your little one is a wild guy running around the house like it’s a jungle then he’ll love this Toddler Tarzan Costume. This is perfect for a caveman costume as well!




Toddler Tarzan Costume

Who can rule the jungle? A place filled with animals and danger? Only one man who has lived there his entire life, Tarzan! This Lord of the Jungle has spent every day of life swinging on vines and hanging out with monkeys. Now when Tarzan meets up with anything of the modern world he looks at it with wonder. He has seen a cell phone and thought that there were tiny people inside talking to him. And when he found a lighter he was amazed that fire could come out of something so small. Now your child can become king of the jungle in this awesome costume!

Toddler Tarzan Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: S | Polyester | RU884739

Toddler Tarzan Costume (Historical Costumes)