Toddler Sequin Dorothy Costume


Get this toddler sequin Dorothy costume from the Wizard of Oz for a unique take on the classic movie costume. A great girls Wizard of Oz Halloween costume.




Toddler Sequin Dorothy Costume

We’re off to see the Wizard, the wonderful Wizard of OzIt’s time for your little girl to make a trip to the magical land known only as Oz. Oz is a place full of magic and color that can fill anyone’s imagination full of wonderful thoughts. It is also a land where someone can meet some of their greatest friends they’ll ever meet. So this Halloween let your daughter travel to a place that’s better than any dreamland with this great sequin Dorothy costume straight out of the classic movie and story book.

Toddler Sequin Dorothy Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: TD | Polyester | RU886493

Toddler Sequin Dorothy Costume (Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costumes)