Toddler Scarecrow Costume


If your toddler needs to make a trip to see the Wizard, then he’d dress for the occasion. The full outfit is a cozy ensemble that prepares any toddler for a trek along the Yellow Brick Road.




Toddler Scarecrow Costume

Even when the Scarecrow was just a lad, hanging out in the fields of Munckinland, he knew how to get ready for adventure. Take a little advice from him; all you need to have to be ready for a journey is a cozy hat on your head, a dandy jumpsuit to keep all your straw from getting loose and a little dance in your step. Follow these simple tips and your little one might grow a little straw on his chest.

Toddler Scarecrow Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: IN | Polyester | RU885820

Toddler Scarecrow Costume (Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costumes)