Toddler Pinata Costume


The fiesta can finally start! This Toddler Pinata Costume is an exclusive costume that will be perfect for Halloween or celebrating Cinco de Mayo!




Toddler Pinata Costume

If you think your child might enjoy a turn as everyone’s favorite party game they will be a darling in this brightly colored Toddler Pinata Costume! There’s just a couple important suggestions that we advise when going as a pinata:
1. We do not recommend for the wearer to attempt to fill themselves with candy (the sugar rush can be overwhelming)
2. Hide all sticks and bats (we think this is self explanatory)
Take heed of these precautionary measures and this costume will be a great addition to any fiesta!

Toddler Pinata Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2T | Polyester | FUN1311TD

Toddler Pinata Costume (Holiday Costumes)