Teletubbies Dipsy Tank Dress


This sexy Teletubbies Dipsy tank dress isn’t for kids! The sexy womens costume looks like the funny character from the children’s television show. Check out all our sexy Teletubby costumes.




Teletubbies Dipsy Tank Dress

What exactly is a Teletubby? We’re not sure, but from first glance it is an odd creature that has a television embedded in its stomach. It doesn’t speak a language we can understand, and from the few episodes we watched they worship a baby-faced sun, and possibly take orders from a vacuum. In other words, it’s a very strange show. We like to think that Teletubbies actually takes place in a natural utopia thousands of years in the future after humans have evolved into genius beings genetically mixed with their television sets. Even if that’s not the correct deduction, this sexy Teletubbies Dipsy Tank Dress Costume is a sweet look for Halloween. Who knows, by wearing it you might just be informing everyone of the bizarre future of the human race.

Teletubbies Dipsy Tank Dress | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RA421004

Teletubbies Dipsy Tank Dress (TV / Movie Costumes)