Teen Bender Costume


I am Bender. Please insert girder. That’s what you’ll be saying when you put on this Teen Bender Costume and get your Futurama groove on.




Teen Bender Costume

Bender’s rap sheet is pretty long: armed robbery, larceny and kidnapping. If you plan on walking out in public wearing this licensed Futurama Bender costume for teens, you’d better be ready for some unwanted attention from the police force of the 31st century. Of course, that means you’ll most likely just have to deal with Smitty and URL, and those guys never seem to be able to catch a bad guy for very long. You’re also going to need some sort of Patsy to pin the blame on for any nefarious activities you plan. We suggest getting a pal dress up in our Fry costume.

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Size: TN | Polyester Foam | FUT8220TN

Teen Bender Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)