Taco Costume


This taco costume is an adult food Halloween costume that is available at a low price. Get one of our food Halloween costumes for a fun look this Halloween.




Taco Costume

Long, long before fast food Mexican restaurants were places you could get your favorite hard shelled meal the taco has had a history that predates written words. It is said that when the taco was first created it was used to hold fish meat in it for a tasty dinner. Then many chefs and cooks played around with the concept of a tortilla shell and toppings to find the perfect mix. Now we can even get a ranch flavored corn chip shell with fancy ingredients inside of it. So give yourself a chance to become your favorite meal in this great food costume.

Taco Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RA7079

Taco Costume (Holiday Costumes)