Sulley Classic Infant Costume


Infants can be little adorable monsters anyway, and now they can just look the part! They’ll continue to be adorably monstrous in our Sulley Classic Infant Costume. From Disney!




Sulley Classic Infant Costume

Monstropolis would be one of the coolest places to live. Everything is brightly colored, has interesting architecture, and it has a very good University that all the young monsters talk about. In other words, Monstropolis is the perfect place to raise a child! Maybe they’ll become the number one scarer at the company when you start them out in our Sulley costume! Hey, teach them to dream big! Or scare big.

Sulley Classic Infant Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 12mo | Polyester | DI58761

Sulley Classic Infant Costume (Disney Costumes)