Shuffle Bot Headpiece w/LED


Crank up the LMFAO and put on this Shuffle Bot Headpiece with LED lights. It’s time to dance like nobody’s business.




Shuffle Bot Headpiece w/LED

Everyone knows that it just isn’t a party until Shuffle Bot shows up and starts busting out some moves from the Party Rock video. Of course, he’s on a pretty tight schedule, partying with SkyBlu and Redfoo, so you might have a hard time getting him to come to your party. That’s why you should always be prepared. When you got this mask, you can just be the dancing robot for a night and show everyone how to really get down.

Shuffle Bot Headpiece w/LED | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU30914

Shuffle Bot Headpiece w/LED (Classic Costumes)