Sexy Zorro Costume


You know how you practice your sword moves in the mirror everyday? Think how much cooler and sexier you would look wearing this sexy Zorro costume while doing it.




Sexy Zorro Costume

Being Zorro is about more than just humiliating tyrannical bad guys and sword fighting. Ok, so maybe it’s mostly about those things, but doing it in your regular clothes just lacks the pizzazz of doing it in a sleek black outfit with a mask, and you definitely want the mask. As soon as the bad guys figure out who you really are they start dialing your number at all hours of the night to make prank phone calls. The mask just lets you avoid all that mess.

Sexy Zorro Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | RU888655

Sexy Zorro Costume (Superhero Costumes)