Sensei Wig and Beard Set


Do you seek to train the next generation of sword masters? Do you have the will and mental stability to live a monastic life on top of a mountain somewhere? If so, then you need our Sensei Wig and Bear Set! Now, how to break a board with your pinky finger




Sensei Wig and Beard Set

No one will train under the feet of the master unless he has a head full of gray hair. Think about it, in order to become a teacher, especially in the deadly arts, one must have years of experience. Bypass the rigorous training and wear this Sensei Wig and Beard Set. If some one questions your abilities kick them out for being a bad student.

Sensei Wig and Beard Set | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Faux Hair | FU92034

Sensei Wig and Beard Set (International Costumes)