Rogue Pirate Hat


Your pirate costume will be all ready to go this Halloween once you complete it with this rogue pirate hat. The black PVC hat will make you look like a pirate captain!




Rogue Pirate Hat

We truly believe that a pirate is only as good as his hat. Look at the famous pirates in history. Where would Captain Morgan be without his hat? Sunburnt and stranded on some desert island while his crew rocks the night away on his party boat. And Captain Hook, where would he be? He would have lost more than just his hand to that alligator, that’s for sure. And don’t even get me started on the Pittsburgh Pirates. Same goes for you. This Halloween, when you’re caked in eye-liner and wondering if the guy in the Psy costume is looking at you, don’t just wonder. Be sure. Wear our rogue pirate hat, and complete your sexy pirate costume. Then confidently strut up to the pretend Korean rapper and tell him, yes, you would like to meet a gentleman tonight.

Rogue Pirate Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | SLTA1012

Rogue Pirate Hat (Pirate Costumes)