Roarin 20s Sailor Hat


Get a retro patriotic look with this roarin 20s sailor hat. This hat is perfect for assembling your own barbershop quartet or for a 4th of July look.




Roarin 20s Sailor Hat

Assembling your own barbershop quartet? Heading up the 4th of July parade? Planning on heading down to the drug store for an ice cream soda and a chat with the local boozehounds? Of course not, this is the 2010’s. But it doesn’t mean you might not find yourself one day pining for a simpler time when men wore straw hats and tipped them to passing gals, and little kids in ripped jorts ran down to their favorite fishin’ hole with bent poles and a pailful of worms. All that sentimentality in one hat…what are you waiting for? Get a bunch of them today, friend!

Roarin 20s Sailor Hat | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Styrofoam | RUH224

Roarin 20s Sailor Hat (20’s Costumes)