Rick Grimes Walking Dead Costume


Survive the zombie apocalypse in this Rick Grimes Walking Dead costume! This scary adult costume is perfect for fans of the AMC TV series.




Rick Grimes Walking Dead Costume

Walkers are not known for their intelligence, at all. These former members of the living are just husks of their past selves shuffling about looking for fresh meat. It seems though that their eyes hardly work at all or that they just don’t connect to any thought process because they can be easily tricked visually. This fact worked out great for Rick and Glenn when they had sneak by them while in Atlanta. Since it seemed that the only senses that walkers pay attention to is sound and smell they covered themselves in walker blood and body parts so they could sneak through the city. Now you can match Rick and Glenn in walker protection with this gory costume.

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Polyester | RU880663

Rick Grimes Walking Dead Costume (Classic Costumes)