Prestige Infant Sally Costume


How awesome would it be if you were born in Halloweentown? Way better than Christmastown! Your little one can look like Halloweentown’s newest citizen with our Prestige Infant Sally Costume.




Prestige Infant Sally Costume

As you can imagine, The Nightmare Before Christmas is pretty popular around here at You might say that the subject matter is right up our alley. Everyone loves Jack, of course, but Sally is definitely an underrated character. She has one of the sweetest, loveliest songs in the whole movie! And her ability to concoct clever knock out juice just shows she’s got brains as well as talent! Bring a little piece of Halloweentown home with you with our infant Sally Costume! Don’t worry, it’s all stitched together.

Prestige Infant Sally Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: IN | Polyester | DI44964

Prestige Infant Sally Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)