Plus Size Zombie Bride Costume


Make this a wedding to remember. Blood, guts, ironically sexy zombie bride ripping out the innards of her beloved. He’ll want to skip the honeymoon once he sees you in this Plus Size Zombie Bride Costume.




Plus Size Zombie Bride Costume

Most girls get married while they’re still alive, but sometimes you don’t find the right guy until after you’ve been infected with the zombie virus. Don’t let that stop your from tying the knot. This bride dress is just oozing with all the details an undead girl could want for her walk down the aisle, like blood splatters and lace. Just make sure your groom is cool with you eating his brains after he slips that ring on your finger.

Plus Size Zombie Bride Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 1X | Polyblend | PKPK181XL

Plus Size Zombie Bride Costume (Classic Costumes)