Plus Size U.S. Army Jumpsuit


Storming the battlefield in your jeans is not the way to go to war. This plus size U.S. Army jumpsuit is a much better way to look like a real soldier.




Plus Size U.S. Army Jumpsuit

Being a tough guy means wearing a hardcore camouflage jumpsuit and storming the battlefield like some kind of commando from an action movie. Of course, you’ll have an assault rifle in each arm and you’ll be shouting classic one-liners while you do it. It just so happens that we have this plus size Army costume ready to go for you and if you’re real nice to us, we might let you play with some of our toy guns too. (You could use real ones, but those tend to get you arrested when you go out in public.)

Plus Size U.S. Army Jumpsuit | Halloween Costumes

Size: 2XL | Polyester | UN29390X

Plus Size U.S. Army Jumpsuit (Uniform Costumes)