Plus Size Tin Woman Costume


This plus size Tin Woman costume is a sexy Wizard of Oz costume idea for plus size women. You’ll be set to join your friends on a trip to the Emerald City.




Plus Size Tin Woman Costume

It’s time for a magical trip in Oz as the shiny Tin Woman. This poor lady has been waiting in the forest stuck in one place waiting for someone to help her get to her oil can. Then came Dorothy and the Scarecrow to save her day and once she could walk and talk she could tell her story. She was built by a someone who forgot to give her the heart she most desperately wants to which Dorothy informs her the Wizard may be able to help. So she decides to join these travelers on their trip down the yellow brick road to hopefully find the heart she wants so bad. Now you can become this shiny tin lass from the Land of Oz in this sexy outfit!

Plus Size Tin Woman Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: PL | Polyester | RU17519

Plus Size Tin Woman Costume (Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costumes)