Plus Size Scarecrow Costume


Our plus size Scarecrow costume is an officially licensed Wizard of Oz costume that is perfect for Halloween. This adult costume goes great with a group.




Plus Size Scarecrow Costume

When you travel down the yellow brick road in the wonderful land of Oz you may run into some very interesting characters. One such person would be the Scarecrow. This man made of straw spends his days posted up in a corn field trying to scare away the local birds. The only thing is he is having a hard time doing it because the birds just don’t seem to be afraid of him. Now luckily for him Dorothy from Kansas came by and decided to let him join her on a journey to see the Wizard. Now you can join a merry band of travelers while you anxiously await for a brain in this classic Scarecrow costume!

Plus Size Scarecrow Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: PL | Polyester | RU17495

Plus Size Scarecrow Costume (Wonderful Wizard of Oz Costumes)