Plus Size Mario Costume


Get ready to race through the Mushroom Kingdom to save Princess Peach in this Plus Size Mario Costume. Wario and Bowser don’t stand a chance!




Plus Size Mario Costume

Life in the Mushroom Kingdom can be rough. Spending your days getting rid of pesky turtles and smashing bricks to find coins can take it’s toll on you (and your head). Some days you just want to kick back and enjoy some sunshine but there is always something to be done. Luckily when you are Nintendo’s super plumber, you don’t have to go at it alone because you have your trusty brother Luigi to help. Step into Mario’s shoes for a day when you get this licensed costume!

Plus Size Mario Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: PL | Polyester | RU17684

Plus Size Mario Costume (Video Game / Toy Costumes)