Plus Size Disney Cruella Costume


While our Plus Size Cruella Costume is perfect for your Halloween party, whatever you do, don’t go near a dog pound! Who knows what might happen… but it might involve the Twilight Bark.




Plus Size Disney Cruella Costume

Do you spend nights concocting plans with your henchmen to steal dalmatian puppies? Do you have a fanatical obsession of turning strange animals into garments of clothing? Don’t worry. That’s not weird. You’ve just learned how to channel your inner Cruella De Vil, that’s all. We’d like to make a suggestion though. Instead of trying to steal your neighbor’s dog so you can turn it into a new coat, you might just want to get this licensed costume, which is made from animal friendly materials. That way, everyone is happy.

Plus Size Disney Cruella Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: 1X/2X | Polyester | LEDP85076X

Plus Size Disney Cruella Costume (Disney Costumes)