Pizzaz Deluxe Costume


Are you ready to challenge Jem and Holograms to a battle of the bands? You will as the leader of the Misfits in this Pizzaz Deluxe Costume.




Pizzaz Deluxe Costume

One fabulous way to celebrate the 80s would be to become Jem’s arch rival from the Misfits Pizzazz! You’ll have that total ‘rich girl who gets everything she wants’ look when you wear this costume. And be sure to pick up our great bright green Pizzazz wig so you’ll be ready to take the stage and make Jem and Holograms jealous.

Pizzaz Deluxe Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | DI46535

Pizzaz Deluxe Costume (TV / Movie Costumes)