Orko He-Man Hoodie


Wear this Orko He-Man Hoodie and your spells are almost guaranteed to backfire just when you need them the most.




Orko He-Man Hoodie

Are you bad at casting magic spells? Don’t worry, so is Orko and he still finds steady employment in the Eternia. We can’t hate on Orko though. No matter how many times his spells backfire on him, he still keeps on trying and for that, we think he might just be a bigger hero than He-Man. When you have the powers of Greyskull backing you, it’s pretty easy to be brave. When you just have a couple of spells that don’t work so well and a cool hat, it’s a lot harder to stand up to bad guys. That’s why you should wear this Orko hoodie proudly (because he’s a way better role model than the rest of the Masters of the Universe)!

Orko He-Man Hoodie | Halloween Costumes

Size: M | Polyester | UIMG13097

Orko He-Man Hoodie (TV / Movie Costumes)