Mistress Clarice Gortrait


Do you ever get creeped out by a portrait hanging on the wall? No? Then hang this Mistress Clarice gotrait on the wall and prepare to be frightened when it reveals a horrible ghoul!




Mistress Clarice Gortrait

Some people tends to stick to the basics of Halloween decor; jack o lanterns, ghosts, skeleton and the like. But if you want to really frighten your guests, the best way is to take them by surprise! This spooky Mistress Clarice Gortrait seems innocent enough when you see the antique image of a girl in a dress. But when they see it from a different angle and the horrifying image of a demon is revealed they’re sure to be scared!

Mistress Clarice Gortrait | Halloween Costumes

Size: ST | Plastic | MDM36117

Mistress Clarice Gortrait (Halloween Decorations)