Little Red Wolf Costume


Into the woods it’s time to go! Be sure your little darling is ready to face the big bad wolf in her Little Red Wolf Costume. It’s a unique spin on a classic fairytale! But be careful, she’ll look so delicious, the wolf may still want to eat her.




Little Red Wolf Costume

Fairy tales don’t always get the real story right. Everyone’s heard about the Big Bad Wolf, who scours the woods for innocent little girls to devour, but no one’s ever heard of the devious little girl who packs a bite of her own. We’re talking a little girl who’s dangerous enough to make that wolf run away with his tail between his legs. That’s sort of what this Little Red Riding Hood style costume is all about. Cute girl, mixed with a dangerous attitude.

Little Red Wolf Costume | Halloween Costumes

Size: L | Polyester | PR4119

Little Red Wolf Costume (Storybook & Fairytale Costumes)